Organisational Structure

The Board leads, controls and directs the activities of the organisation. The principal role of the Health Board (HB) is to add value to the organisation through the exercise of strong leadership and control, including:

  • Setting the organisation’s strategic direction.
  • Establishing and upholding the organisation’s governance and accountability framework, including its values and standards of behaviour.
  • Ensuring delivery of the organisation’s aims and objectives through effective challenge and scrutiny of the LHB’s performance across all areas of activity.

The Board currently meets bi-monthly to discuss business relating to governance, communications, strategy, assurance (finance, performance and quality) and process. Details of the Board meetings, Board agendas, reports and minutes from October 2009 to date are available online. Click here to view the Board agendas and papers
The HB Board delegates some of its functions and responsibilities to a number of Committees. YClick here to view the list of Statutory Committees of the Board
The UHB has established the following joint-Committees;

The Terms of Reference and membership of each of these Committees can be found here on the Health Board Standing Orders.