Register of Interests

In line with Section 7 of the our Standing Orders, the Board must adopt a set of values and standards of behaviour for the Board that meets the requirements of the NHS Wales Values and Standards of Behaviour framework.  These values and standards of behaviour will apply to all those conducting business by or on behalf of the Board, including Board members, Board officers, and others, as appropriate.  The framework adopted by the Board will form part of the our Standing Orders.
We have a Standards Of Behaviour Policy incorporating Declarations of Interests, Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship which re-states and builds on the provisions of Section 7 of the our Standing Orders.  It re-emphasises the commitment of the Health Board to ensure that it operates to the highest standards, the roles and responsibilities of those employed by the Health Board, and the arrangements for ensuring that declarations can be made. 
It is a requirement that at the beginning of every Health Board, Committee or decision making/formal meeting, that members and those in attendance be invited to declare their interests in relation to any items on the agenda.
Declarations of Members' Interests are published in our Annual Accounts which are approved annually (every June) by the Board and can be found in the Board Meeting Papers section of our website.  The paper copy of the Register of Declarations of Members' Interests, together with the forms which are used to inform its contents will be retained by the Corporate Governance Department, and the Register will be available for public inspection.