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Stage One – Exclusion filters

Our review process starts with a weekly analysis of all the Apps available on the App Store or Google Play in the ‘health, wellbeing/fitness and medical’ sections. We then filter out Apps that are not designed for use in a supported language and Apps that have not been updated for 18 months or more. Of the remaining Apps we organise these into over 350 health and care condition categories and queue them within their category by most downloaded.

Where there are Android and iOS versions of the same App we link these and they queue together. We review the next highest downloaded App in the queue, category by category, on a cyclical basis to ensure that we cover the full breadth of solutions available. We do offer an expedited review process for Apps that are unlikely to reach the top of the queue in their category area for some time - this is particularly the case in popular areas such as mental health Apps, diabetes, asthma, COPD, sleep etc - and this enables newer Apps to gain an ORCHA score and presence on our platforms without having to wait for increased user downloads or the review team to move through the queue sufficiently to pick them up.

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