What will the service provide?

The service will provide diagnostic assessment for autistic adults (sometimes jointly with other services), support and advice for autistic adults and parent carers.

I am a parent of an autistic child – what will this mean for me?

Whilst not working directly with children and young people, the service will work in partnership with other organisations to support parents and carers.

Where needed, the service may also work with other staff involved with your child such as school staff or health visitors to make sure you and your child are given consistent support and advice.

Parents and carers will be able to self – refer to the service, if your child has received a diagnosis of Autism you will be able to access training and advice from the Integrated Autism Service.

I am an autistic adult – what will this mean for me?

If you are an adult and think you have autism but don’t have a diagnosis, the service will be able to offer you an diagnostic assessment if you want it. You will be able to get advice and support from the service without needing to be referred by someone else. Below are some of the challenges that you might need advice and support on:

  • Anxiety
  • Social skills
  • Accessing leisure and recreational activities
  • Developing your daily living skills (such as paying bills, shopping and cooking)
  • Accessing other services such as healthcare or employment support
  • Or other difficulties with you may be experiencing

I am a professional what will this mean for me?

The IAS are there to support professionals to gain knowledge, skills and experience in working with autistic people.

How do they do this?

  • Training
  • Consultation

To contact the service phone 01267 283070 or email