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Staff psychological well-being service



Our service supports our staff in Hywel Dda University Health Board  with emotional well-being and mental health at work. We offer a range of services, resources and signposting. Our aim is to help build a culture of well-being, resilience and effective self-care across all our services and teams in the organisation.

These are extremely challenging times, and it is more important than ever that we take good care of ourselves and each other.

It's worth taking the time - on a regular basis, to check in with how you are feeling.  If you're feeling well, what can you do to keep feeling that way?  And if you're not feeling great and maybe are starting to struggle a bit, what could you do that might help?

It's not always easy to know where to look for ideas so we've drawn together some simple suggestions, depending on how you feel. 

Please explore the suggestions below - there's bound to be something useful to support your wellbeing at work. There are also some resources on the staff intranet, links will be available on these pages, but you will only be able to access them if you are on the NHS network.

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How am I feeling and what might help me?

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