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How do I know that my details won't be shared with other third parties?

ORCHA will not pass your personal details to other people, or organisations, without first obtaining your consent. ORCHA reserves the right to share your information with other companies that we own, or other companies that help us provide any of our services. 

ORCHA respects the privacy and confidentiality of all users who engage with the ORCHA App Review platform, or organisations who engage in partnership, or project work with ORCHA.

ORCHA strives to ensure that all data that is shared with us, because of those relationships, is treated with full respect for personal, and client, privacy and is protected in line with all legal responsibilities and recognised best practice standards and processes. 

ORCHA will only collect the minimum levels of personal data necessary to support our operational processes and will never share, or sell, personally identifiable data collected while maintaining ORCHA business processes without asking for and receiving fully informed consent from any ORCHA users, or clients, who may be affected by that action.

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