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Infection control advice

We are committed to providing a safe service to patients and their loved ones. Much of the work undertaken within the University Health Board is aimed at ensuring that our healthcare staff are well educated and are guided by evidence based infection prevention and control policies, for example hand hygiene and isolation policies.

The same advice also applies to families or visitors, particularly when we head into winter and face the threat of seasonal illnesses such as influenza and winter vomiting disease. Whilst these illnesses may arise in the community some will result in admission to hospital. For this reason we are providing guidance to visitors about what to do when they visit our hospitals and when to avoid visiting.

Visitor advice

  • All visitors’ hands must be clean on entering any healthcare facility
  • If you are visiting a patient who is in ‘isolation’ please speak to the nurse in charge before entering the room
  • Please DO NOT sit on patients’ beds
  • Please DO NOT use patients’ toilets - visitor toilets are available
  • If the ward you are visiting is closed (or an area of the ward is closed) due to infection, please contact the ward prior to visiting so that you are informed of visiting restrictions that are in place

Please do not attend/visit hospital if you:

  • feel unwell
  • have flu-like symptoms
  • currently have, or had, diarrhoea and/or vomiting in the past 48 hours
  • have been in contact with anyone with the above symptoms in the past 48 hours
  • have an existing medical condition or are on medication that puts them at risk of infection