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Digital health applications library

Health applications can be a great way to manage your health and wellbeing, however there are thousands available.  Finding the right one can be confusing and it can difficult to know which ones will have any benefit or are safe to use.

We have created a health and care applications library to help you find the right app for you.  

We are working in partnership with ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps) who are helping us to identify and review digital health applications.  They review against 350+ criteria relating to clinical and professional assurance, data and privacy, usability and accessibility.

ORCHA has been working to identify applications that are specifically useful to support our population.  This includes apps to help with mental wellbeing, healthy lifestyles, and even long term condition management.  Most applications can be download to mobile phone, computer, laptop or tablet device.

This applications store will help you search and compare apps for FREE, so you can find the right one to keep you healthy and happy.   

Go to our health and care app store here [opens in new tab].


Use of apps: terms and conditions
Before using an application please ensure that you carefully read the terms and condition of use.  The mobile application end-user licence agreement will be between the user and the supplier of the application which will vary depending on the supplier of the app.  You should ensure that you have read the associated privacy agreement before proceeding to share any information with a third party.




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