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Digital assessments

Keep us up-to-date with your health online

You can tell us about your symptoms and quality of life from home. Helping us provide better care by measuring what matters most to you.






How will Digital Assessments help me?

Monitoring your symptoms at home through forms will help better understand your health. It will enable us to learn what matters most to you.

Your responses to these forms can help you and your team:

  • Better identify if you are happy with your treatment.
  • Look at the experience of care that you are receiving/received;
  • Improve how we deliver care to you;
  • Make better informed decisions and choose the best treatment.

How do I complete my Digital Assessments?

  1. Make sure you provide your mobile number, full name, postcode, and date of birth, so you can log in;
  2. We’ll get in contact when you have a new Digital assessment to complete. This will be by text message or email.;
  3. Click the link and enter your last name, date of birth and postcode to log in;
  4. Please fill in the form as accurately and honestly as you can. This way your clinical team can understand how you are doing;
  5. Make sure you submit the form at the end. This is how your clinical team can see your answers.
  6. You can view a record of your completed assessment on your patient portal. To do this go to ‘Online Care’ and ‘View assessment’

The length of the form changes from specialty to specialty. It should take between 5-15 minutes to complete.


Where are Digital Assessments happening?

We are expanding the use of Digital Assessments across a number of different clinics in the health board.


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