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Should I contact the midwife?

Yes. You’ll probably be offered an early assessment on the phone.

 Your midwife will:

  • ask how you feel (any tightness, bleeding or if your waters have broken)
  • ask you about your birth preferences, hopes and concerns
  • ask about your baby's movements, and especially about any changes (you should continue to feel your baby move right up to the time you go into labour and during labour)
  • explain what you can expect in the early stage of labour, including things that might help you manage any pain
  • offer you support and pain relief, if needed
  • tell you who to contact next and when
  • give advice and support to your birth partner if you have one.

If all is well, your midwife will recommend that you stay at home until you’re in established labour. You're more likely to have a smoother labour and fewer interventions if you stay at home until labour is stronger and your contractions are regular.

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