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Can Vitamin K be given orally?

Vitamin K can be given to babies as a liquid by mouth. However, it is less effective as the absorption of the whole drug cannot be guaranteed. Oral vitamin K has to be given in a three-dose course over the first four – six weeks and there is a risk that babies will miss out on the second or third doses and therefore not complete the course.

The formulation of oral vitamin K to be used is Konakion MM Paediatric 2mg (0.2ml) and should be given at birth and at seven days of age.

Those babies who received oral Konakion MM Paediatric at birth and seven days, and are still breast feeding, should receive a third oral dose (2mg in 0.2 ml) at four weeks of age.

It is really important that your baby receives follow up doses of oral vitamin K as there is a risk of late onset haemorrhagic disease of your baby.

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