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Orthoptics - What to expect at your appointment

Orthoptic appointments

If you are an adult or child attending the orthoptic service you will have your vision and eye movements (ocular motility) assessed by looking at different pictures or letters.

Refraction clinic appointments (children only)

Refraction is a medical term meaning checking whether you need glasses or not. At this appointment you will see both an orthoptist and an optometrist. During your appointment, the orthoptist will check your vision by asking you to match or names pictures or letters and will check your eye movements. Eye drops which make the pupil (dark part of your eye) bigger and temporarily make your vision blurry will be used. This blurred vision will last for the rest of the day. You can go back to school after your appointment but let your teacher know you have had eye drops and that things are a little blurry.

After about 30 minutes (when the drops have worked), you will meet the optometrist who will check the health of your eyes and whether glasses may help improve your vision.  

If you need glasses the optometrist will give you a voucher and discuss next steps with you.

If it’s a sunny day remember your sunglasses or hat as you will be a bit more sensitive to light after eye drops.

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