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Pelvic health

Coping with pelvic health problems can be a challenge for you and your body. Our pelvic health and well-being hub brings together information about pelvic health conditions, advice and support on managing your symptoms, treatment options as well as links to general wellbeing and healthy lifestyles resources. 

These will assist you to access advice, support and information to help you to manage your pelvic health symptoms and the impact of these.

Do you find your pelvic health problem is limiting you living the life you wish to live?

Pelvic health problems can have a significant impact on ability to do normal daily activities. Doing the things you enjoy can become more difficult.  There are services available to help. 

Specialist pelvic health

To help you manage your symptoms and concerns the tabs below link you to more focussed information and advice relating to specific pelvic health problems and conditions.

We aim to help treat and manage your symptoms and pelvic health concerns. We also support carers and the support and advice they require. Our service covers adults over the age of 18 years. We have however included basic information regarding accessing services and advice for children and young adults.



Click here for information on general well-being, lifestyle support and advice whilst waiting for treatment (opens in new tab).

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