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Are the rumours true? Is the health board trying to use this as a reason to close Withybush hospital?

No. We are not trying to close Withybush hospital. Withybush is part of our longer term strategy as outlined in A Healthier Mid and West Wales (opens in new tab). Our vision is that Withybush will be repurposed and continue to provide a range of services to our community. However, we are aware that several areas of Withybush hospital are old and need considerable work - the discovery of RAAC is further evidence of this.

The development of the proposed new Urgent and Planned Care Hospital in the south of our Hywel Dda area will take a number of years to complete. We are making progress in narrowing down the location for our new hospital but it will not be ready for some time. In the meantime, we continue to see increased demand on our hospitals and closing Withybush is not planned. 

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