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Which departments and wards have been affected?

So far, defective planks have been found in all six wards surveyed on the second floor and in areas on the ground floor and kitchen.

Wards 7, 8/Coronary Care Unit, 10, 11/Acute Stroke Unit and 12 are now closed. Planks which are a cause for concern have been identified and corrective works of high risk planks is under way in Wards 12 and Ward 7.

These areas have been vacated with patients relocated to alternative areas in Withybush or other sites in Pembrokeshire – either to South Pembrokeshire Hospital, to community facilities or enabled to go home.

Work on Ward 9 is now complete and patients re-introduced to the ward. Works are expected to complete in Ward 12 early in November with patients due to be transferred back in following a short recommissioning phase.

Detailed survey work is also underway in Outpatients A, necessitating continued closure pending completion of corrective works. These works are scheduled to immediately follow survey work, resulting in delays in reoccupation until June 2024. Alternative locations for outpatient provision are currently being scoped.

The Kitchen is also closed with a temporary service provided from the dining room while a field kitchen is being established. This is likely to be ready by November.

Some corridors and areas on the ground floor have also been identified as having RAAC planks present and needing repair work. A work programme is being established to address this. In the interim period, props have been put in place in ground floor locations to support reoccupation where this is safe to do so.

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