Business Planning and Performance Assurance Committee (BPPAC)

The purpose of the Business Planning and Performance Assurance Committee (BPPAC) is to assure the Board on the following:

  • Provide assurance that arrangements are in place for the establishment of a robust planning cycle in accordance with University Health Board and Welsh Government requirements.
  • Oversee the development of the Health Board’s plans for improving the local population’s health and developing and delivering high-quality, safe and sustainable services to patients, consistent with the Board’s overall strategic direction and any requirements and standards set for NHS bodies in Wales, for Board approval.
  • Provide assurance to the Board that, wherever possible, University Health Board plans are aligned with partnership plans developed with Local Authorities, Universities, Collaboratives, Alliances and other key partners.
  • Provide assurance to the Board with regard to the implementation of major change.
  • Provide assurance to the Board on overall performance and delivery against Health Board plans and objectives, including delivery of Tier 1 targets and the financial control total, giving early warning on potential performance issues and making recommendations for action to continuously improve the performance and the financial position of the organisation and, as required, focus in detail on specific issues where performance is showing deterioration or there are issues of concern.
  • Provide assurance to the Board that robust arrangements are in place for financial planning, financial performance and financial forecasting.
  • Assure the Board that the data on which performance is assessed is reliable and of high quality and that any issues relating to data accuracy are addressed.
  • Provide assurance to the Board that risks relating to finance, performance, productivity, access to services, innovation, partnership working and public health (and environment information governance, IM&T, health, safety, security and fire and service/business interruption/disruption through the work of Sub Committees) are being effectively managed across the whole of the Health Board’s activities (including for hosted services and through partnerships and Joint Committees as appropriate). 

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