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How do you know if an app is good or safe to use?

ORCHA has been created to make it easier to find apps that meet particular needs and compare similar apps to find the best one for you. We’ve brought together all the health apps in one easy to use space, we’ve organised our store to make it simple to search for apps for your specific needs.

Not only do we make it easy to find apps, but we also make it easy to compare similar ones by putting each app through a rigorous review process. This process has been developed with a team of experts and it assesses how good the apps really are, and what - if any, risks their use could hold.

ORCHA allows you and those you care about to find the best apps that will really help you improve your health. Now everyone can enjoy the benefits mobile apps can bring – becoming better informed, improving well-being, and managing health conditions. With a more active population taking steps to improve their health, we can reduce the need to visit the GP and access other services.

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