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Stage Three – Functions

As part of our evaluation of an Apps level, we also capture all of the Apps key functions and features. We have over 18 features that we regularly check for and we are constantly updating this as App develop new features and functions. The functional assessment also dynamically changes the lines of enquiry that our reviewers follow during the review proper again to ensure that the assessment is as tailored to the type of App as possible.

The functional capabilities all become filterable search elements in the myriad ORCHA App finders, allowing all users to tailor their searches appropriately to find Apps that actually do the things that they want support around.

Information provision    
L1- The App provides general information.

L2- The App provides advice to users about their health.

Data capture     
L2- The App captures user data.

Data sharing      
L2-The App allows users to share their data.

Risk indicator    
L4- The App provides an indication of a health risk.

Diagnostic support         
L4-The App provides support to clinicians as they form a diagnosis.

Treatment delivery         
L4- The App provides treatment of a condition.

Treatment guidance      
L3- The App provides guidance on the treatment of a condition.

Behavioural change techniques
L3- The App utilises behavioural change techniques.

Health monitoring          
L2- The App provides functionality to allow users to monitor their conditions, this may involve simple recording of relevant data over time.

Condition management
L3- The App assists users in the management of their condition.

Remote clinical monitoring         
L4- The App allows the remote monitoring of certain health data by health and care professionals.

L1- The App provides a utility/administrative function for health care professionals.

Online consultations      
L2- The App allows users to have online consultations with a health care professional.

Pharmacy services          
L3- The App provides pharmacy services to its users.

Social support networks              
L2- The App has its own or provides access to social networks relevant to its area of focus.

Personal health record 
L2- The App allows users to create a personal health record.

Service signposting         
L1- The App provides links and suggestions for local or national services that are relevant to its focus area.

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