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How does your review link to other review or assessment processes, such as the UK NHS'?

Our review process is independent of any other process or accreditation approach but does align and dovetail with many of these.

In the English NHS for example, our review does align to many aspects of the emerging digital assessment questionnaire process and in combination with our ‘advanced review’ process (which is due to go live shortly), covers all of the relevant evaluation areas.

Our review can, therefore, give developers a very good view of their potential compliance with the standards expected within the English NHS.

We also capture as part of our review whether an app has been ‘approved’ through schemes such as the NHS scheme or others that are emerging around the world and these ‘accreditations’ will shortly be shown in our reviews and available as a ‘filter’ option.

As new schemes and approaches emerge, we will continue to update our process to reflect these and track apps that have achieved any new ‘accreditations’.

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