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4 August 2021 - Hywel Dda vaccine bulletin - Issue 30

Welcome to issue 30 of Hywel Dda University Health Board’s Vaccine Bulletin.

This weekly update will provide the latest information regarding the progress of the COVID-19 Mass Vaccination Programme across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire.

Every person matters and this past week another 1,007 first vaccine doses were given. Thank you to everyone who continues to come forward for their vaccine. We’re continuing to encourage younger people to join the hundreds of thousands of people who have already had a COVID-19 vaccine.

When asked in March, according to a YouGov survey, 91% of young people aged 18-24 have said they’ll be having a COVID-19 vaccine and cross mid and west Wales, over 37,000 young people under 30 have had their vaccine so far.

Long-COVID is just as likely to affect young people as any other age group. COVID-19 vaccination can help to protect you against potential serious illness or long-term consequences.

Having a COVID-19 vaccine will protect you against potential serious illness or long-term damage.

Most side effects from having a COVID-19 vaccine are mild and only last a few days. If you’re concerned, you can find out more information on the Public Health Wales website (opens in new tab) or call in to one of our centres to discuss any questions you may have with our vaccination team.

Joshua Beynon is 23 years old and works for Hywel Dda UHB as a Community Development Outreach Officer.

Here Joshua shares how at first he was apprehensive about having the vaccine but has ensured he has had both vaccinations to protect himself and those around him:


Update on relocation of Cardigan and Llanelli’s mass vaccination centres

We’re pleased to confirm Llanelli’s mass vaccination centre has successfully opened in its new location at Dafen Industrial Estate (Unit 2a, Heol Cropin, SA14 8QW) and is accepting walk-ins seven days a week between 10.00am and 6.00pm for first and second doses with Astrazeneca, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines available.

Cardigan’s mass vaccination centre will relocate to Yr Hen Ysgol Trewen, located at Cwm Cou, Ceredigion SA38 9PE on Friday 6 August. Please book an appointment to receive your vaccine at this location by calling 0300 303 8322 or by emailing

We understand for some people this may be further to travel, but we cannot stress how important it is, with the recent rise in cases, that people receive their second vaccine dose when invited.

If anyone is unable to attend their appointment at our new location by any other means, the health board has transport support in place which can be arranged via our Command Centre by calling 0300 303 8322 or emailing

How to request your vaccine
To help all Hywel Dda residents have easy and flexible access to a COVID-19 vaccine, first and second dose walk-in vaccine clinics have been running at all Hywel Dda mass vaccination centre across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire as well as dedicated antenatal and mental health and wellbeing vaccine clinics in selected venues.

Please check our website for the opening times of your local centre (opens in new tab) before travelling.

Appointments can still be made by contacting us in one of the following ways:

Priority Group First dose vaccine numbers First dose percentage uptake Second dose vaccine numbers Second dose percentage uptake
P1.1 - Older adult resident in a care home 2,489 96.4% 2,163 83.8%
P1.2 - Care home worker 3,490 99.9% 3,262 93.4%
P2.1 - All those 80 years of age and over 25,938 99% 24,786 94.6%
P2.2 & 2.3 - Health and social care workers 22,840 100% 22,002 96.3%
P3 - All those 75 years of age and over  18,691 95.8% 18,292 93.7%
P4.1 - All those 70 years of age  25,046 95.3% 24,598 93.5%
P4.2 - Clinically extremely vulnerable individuals  under 70 years of age 8,725 88.1% 8,397 84.8%
5. All those 65 years of age and over 21,721 91% 21,273 89.1%
6. All individuals aged 16 years to 64 years with underlying health conditions which put them at higher risk of serious disease and mortality (at risk groups) 39,009 87.4% 36,593 82%
7. All those 60 years of age and over 13,442 69.1% 13,194 67.8%
8. All those 55 years of age and over 14,939 80.3% 14,508 78%
9. All those 50 years of age and over 15,248 93.8% 14,647 90.1%
10. Priority group 10 or unallocated 72,138 47% 46,830 30.5%
45 to 49 years old 11,179 70.7% 10,190 64.4%
40 to 44 years old 10,524 69.3% 8,990 59.2%
35 to 39 years old 10,990 68.1% 8,154 49.2%
30 to 34 years old 11,144 65.5% 7,783 44.6%
25 to 29 years old 10,450 59.9% 5,875 33.7%
20 to 24 years old 12,313 65.3% 4,431 23.5%
15 to 19 years old 5,525 36.6% 1,405 9.3%
Total: 283,717 73.3% 250,545 64.7%

Total vaccinations per county - issue 30

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