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First, second and universal booster

Woman receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

The offer of a primary course and booster vaccination is coming to an end. If you are aged 5 (on 31 August 2022) or over and have not had your first or second primary vaccination dose, you will need to arrange your vaccination before 30 June. 

If you are aged 12 or over and have not had your universal booster (third) dose, you will need to arrange this before 31 March.  

For those in ‘at risk’ groups, the booster offer will reopen during booster campaign periods. If you develop a new health condition that places you ‘at risk’, you can be vaccinated during the next booster campaign period. Vaccination outside these campaign periods would be subject to individual clinical judgement.

For information regarding the 2023 spring booster please click here (opens in new tab)

Please call 0300 303 8322 or email to book an appointment.