Current status as of 28 August 2020

We are currently supporting face to face Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) outpatient appointments for urgent cases at our Hospitals.  

Postal hearing aid repairs continue to be the first point of interaction if you are a hearing aid user. Urgent and priority audiology services continue to be provided if your hearing thresholds prevent you from utilising the postal service.  

If you are a paediatric patient, who are causes for concern, you can be seen via a booked and triaged system.  

New referrals for hearing assessments are contacted by phone so that hearing issues and expectations can be discussed prior to any future appointments.   

Telephone follow up consultation continue to be offered for patients with tinnitus and balance issues. 


Future plans

If you had your routine appointment cancelled at the start of the pandemic you will be offered a face to face appointment once the urgent and priority patients have been seen.  All routine patients will be seen in waiting time order to ensure that all backlogs are cleared.  

We are expecting to only be able to offer 50% capacity initially.  


How to make contact

Please refer to your patient letter for contact details or contact the PALS team on telephone number: 0300 0200159 or email: 

The following details can be used to contact the department, and you can also order new hearing aid batteries via these contact numbers: 

Glangwili audiology: 01267 227449 

Prince Philip audiology: 01554 783188 

Withybush audiology: 01437 773379 

Bronglais audiology:  01970 635447 


For general information regarding this service, please visit the Audiology webpage here