Current status as of 11 September 2020


Outpatient clinics are currently taking place at Withybush and Prince Philip Hospitals.  There is currently no outpatient provision at Glangwili Hospital but this is under review.   

Patients will be managed through face to face contacts as well as through the use of virtual/digital technology.   

The rheumatology service is currently testing use of video consultations. Feedback from staff and patients so far has been very good. All patients waiting for follow-up appointments have been reviewed by a consultant and supported with telephone communication when needed.    


Day case attendances have continued at Prince Philip Hospital, at reduced numbers.


Future plans

Outpatient clinics will continue to run at Withybush and Prince Philip Hospitals. Restarting outpatient activity at other sites will continue to be reviewed on an ongoing basis.  

Further roll out of the ‘Attend Anywhere’ digital platform is planned to maximise the opportunity to engage with our patients via video consultation.

Patients will be managed through face to face contacts as well as virtual methods.   

We will be working through the waiting list according to clinical priority. All urgent patients will be seen first before we address our routine waiting list.   

Every patient will be patient focused booked through the contact centre as per normal practice.       

Outpatient clinic templates will operate with reduced patient numbers due to the need to comply with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and social distancing requirements. 


How to make contact

Please refer to your patient letter for contact details or contact the PALS team on telephone number:  0300 0200159 or email: hdhb.patientsupportservices@wales.nhs.uk