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Our arts and health pledges

  • Person centred. Provide a choice of creative opportunities that respect the needs and preferences of each person, treating everyone with kindness and compassion;
  • Collaboration. Work together to connect people to community arts to support their health and wellbeing;
  • Creative. Draw on all art forms to transform healthcare environments to aid healing and recovery and to support people to live healthier, happier, more joyful lives;
  • Innovative. ​​​Use creativity to drive innovation and transform our thinking about health;
  • Inclusive. Develop creative opportunities that prioritise the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our society, meeting the needs of a diverse population at all stages of life;
  • Safe. ​​​​Ensure that all creative activities are safe, appropriate, and sensitive to people's needs, based on evidence and best practice;
  • Sustainable. Grow a sustainable arts and health service that connects people, art, nature and health;
  • Local. Develop creative projects that value, honour and celebrate our Welsh heritage, culture and language.
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