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What does it mean for me?

As a patient I will:

  • feel safe and understood;
  • experience a better hospital stay with all elements of myself being cared for including my creative self;
  • be cared for in a more therapeutic, healing and kind healthcare environment;
  • be offered a range of non medical/creative options to promote my healing and recovery.

As a member of staff I will:

  • have more good days at work with improved well-being;
  • be able to draw on my creative self at work;
  • have a better working environment;
  • feel heard and valued;
  • feel more confident in promoting the benefits of the arts to my patients;
  • be inspired to lead a greener and more nature connected life.

As a member of Hywel Dda’s population I will:

  • be more actively engaged in the arts;
  • be better able to manage my own health and well-being;
  • have the creativity, courage and confidence to take part or tell my story;
  • know that my loved ones are being well cared for.
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