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I am an autistic adult – what will this mean for me?

In the case of adults experiencing moderate to severe mental health difficulties, this diagnosis will be provided by the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) service –which now works alongside ourselves and shares the same referral form. Cases are allocated to either Integrated autism service (IAS) or ASD service at the point of referral, further details are found below.

To access direct support through the West Wales IAS, an individual should not be receiving any support from other statutory services. Where an individual is already accessing support through statutory services, West Wales IAS is able to offer indirect support in the form of consultation or work with other involved agencies.

The main reasons that individuals might access the service are outlined below, but we are also able to provide signposting and advice on several specific issues relating to autism.  

Adults who have autism, or suspect they have autism, may access the service for:

  • Assessment and potential diagnosis of Autism
  • Support in accessing or maintaining education or employment
  • Support with managing mental health difficulties such as anxiety or depression alongside a diagnosis of autism
  • Support with communication, relationships, or interpersonal skills
  • To find out more information about autism
  • To meet other people with autism
  • To get support with activity planning and accessing community activities
  • Assessment of sensory difficulties
  • Support in accessing statutory health, education, employment or housing services.
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