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Bank holidays - Community health care

Patients are being reminded how to access community health care treatment during Bank Holiday periods. 

Systems are in place to ensure patients across Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Pembrokeshire can access GP Out-of-Hours care, emergency dental treatment and access to pharmacy services.


We have arranged emergency dental sessions for acute dental problems. 

Treatment is by appointment only and patients should ring NHS Direct Wales on 111 or click here to visit NHS Direct (opens in new tab) for information on how to access services.  Patients who receive regular care from a dental practice are advised to contact their practice if they require emergency care on non-bank holiday days.


Out-of-Hours GP

Patients are reminded that they should make appointments for routine matters, such as repeat prescriptions and minor aliments, prior to Bank Holidays.

Urgent medical care will be provided over the Bank Holiday period by the normal Out-of-Hours GP service. If patients need to see a doctor because they have an urgent or serious medical problem, that cannot wait until their surgery re-opens, they should ring their local practice for instruction on how to access the out-of-hours service or call NHS Direct on 111.

Patients should call 999 or visit the Accident and Emergency Department at their local hospitals only if they have a genuine emergency. 


Sexual Health Clinics

Click here for details of the sexual health clinics available (opens in new tab)



Patients should collect repeat prescriptions in advance of the holiday period and ensure they are stocked with common over the counter medicines to address symptoms such colds, flu, indigestion and mild pain.

Check with your usual pharmacist before the holiday period, check your local newspaper or contact NHS Direct Wales on 111.