Children's services - who will you see

All wales uniform

You are likely to come across a number of different staff during your visit to hospital. All staff, depending on their job role, can be identified by their uniforms. All staff wear trousers and tunics coloured according to their grade and seniority.

Nurses working in paediatric units may also wear Health Board issued ‟child friendly‟ tabards over their designated uniform.

The following groups of staff have been designated to wear the approved all wales uniform and the colour code is as follows:-

All Wales Uniforms

Other uniforms that you may see on the ward include:         

Purple polo shirts – Play Specialists
Maroon uniform – Hotel Services staff
Blue polo shirts – Porters

Play specialists

We offer a range of expertise in helping you and your child to cope as well as possible with illness and treatment, closely liaising with other teams in Children’s Services.  

We use our knowledge to help your child cope with any pain, anxiety or fear during their time in hospital. Play is used to prepare children for treatment, distract them during a procedure, and help them understand what they have or are going to experience.

The use of play can:

  • Create an environment where stress and worry are reduced
  • Help children regain confidence and self esteem
  • Prepare and enable your child to understand treatment, illness and the hospital itself.
  • Raise coping methods between your child, you and staff during medical procedures.

How can a play specialist help your child?

We offer support for babies, children and teenagers in hospital and the wider community including:

  • A visit before admission to see hospital, children’s unit and play area
  • Familiar toys and games to help your child feel at home
  • Distraction therapy using play to help both you and your child cope better during treatment
  • Therapeutic play to help your child cope with their feelings, emotions and stress
  • Provide preparation and explanations for procedures
  • Physical and messy to play to allow your child to let off steam and support recovery
  • Medical play preparation to help both you and your child understand their illness and treatment
  • Advice on going home and settling back into nursery/school