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Children and young adults

It is important if you are experiencing pelvic health symptoms, which you may be finding difficult to manage, that you access the help, support and advice you need, whatever your age. It could be that you are experiencing very heavy or painful periods, or you could be having difficulty controlling when you have a wee (pass urine) for example during the night. Problems can feel difficult to talk about for both boys and girls.

It is always best to start by talking things through with an adult that you trust and feel able to talk to. This could be your parent, grandparent, a teacher or your school nurse.

To ensure that you have access to the best advice and support you, along with the adult you have spoken with could then contact a member of your health care team such as your GP, nurse practitioner, health visitor or school nurse. You can ask the person who you have spoken with to help you with contacting your healthcare team.

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