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Egg free menu

All items are suitable for people who require or follow an egg free diet. This menu indicates which meal choices are suitable for vegetarians with the (V) symbol and which meal choices are suitable for vegans with the (Vg) symbol.


Breakfast is served from the ward, please speak to ward staff about your breakfast choices.

Lunch and supper


  • Orange juice 
  • Soup of the day (please ask a member of staff for details)


Main Choices

  • Roast beef in gravy, with potatoes, carrots and beans
  • Chilli con carne in a tomato sauce, served with rice
  • Steak and mushroom casserole, with potatoes and vegetables in a red wine sauce
  • Lamb tagine, with a spiced tomato sauce with rice and vegetables
  • Chicken, bacon and thyme hotpot, served with potatoes and mashed vegetables
  • Roast chicken in gravy, with potatoes, vegetables and gravy
  • Provençale vegetable bake, with potatoes and vegetables in a tomato sauce (Vg)
  • Spicy bean casserole, with potato wedges and vegetables served in a spicy tomato sauce (Vg)



  • Jacket potato (pick one filling) 
    • Baked beans (V)
    • Vegan cheese (V)
    • Tuna flake



  • Plain chicken 
  • Plain ham 
  • Tuna flake 



Served with a jacket potato or a bread roll with spread.

  • Chicken 
  • Ham 
  • Tuna flake 



  • Fruit pot
  • Strawberry yoghurt
  • Vanilla yoghurt
  • Fresh fruit
  • Cold bramley apple pie
  • Cold orange and passion fruit cheese cake
  • Rice pudding (hot or cold)



  • Custard
  • Cream (for the tart or fruit pot)
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