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Power of Discharge Sub-Committee members will (following an initial period of training) be required to attend hearings as a panel member to review detention s and community treatment orders. Having attended an additional period of training and gained experience, members will be invited to participate review panels ensuring that reviews are undertaken in accordance with the rules of natural justice (MHA 1983 Code of Practice for Wales). 

They will ensure that the grounds for continuing detention or community treatment are valid.

The three panel members will be required to formally record the evidence considered in reaching their decision, the reasons for the decision, and the decision itself. The chair will communicate the reasons for the decision to the patient and other relevant parties involved in the review. An experienced administrator will be in attendance in the reviews to help support and coordinate members and the management of the review.

Reviews can be conducted remotely through the use of MS Teams or face to face at inpatient wards or community settings across the Health Board.  For the purposes of remote reviews and receiving information a handheld computer tablet is provided to appointed members. 

They will record any appropriate recommendations and/or comments arising from hearings.

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