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Board committees

In line with its Standing Orders, the Health Board has established a range of committees, chaired by Independent Board Members who have a key role in relation to the Governance and Assurance Framework. On behalf of the Board, the Committees discuss, scrutinise, assess current risks and performance monitoring in relation to a wide spectrum of the Health Board’s functions, roles and responsibilities.

Each of the committees outline key risks, highlight areas of development, undertake an annual assessment of effectiveness and produce an Annual Report for submission to the Health Board.

Each Committee has detailed Terms of Reference which are formally approved by the Board.  These can be found within the Health Board's Standing Orders.

Click here to view the Health Board's Standing Orders (opens in new tab)

As well as reporting to the Board, the Committees also work together on behalf of the Board to ensure that cross reporting and consideration takes place so that assurance and advice is provided to the Board and the wider organisation.

Dates and venues for the public meetings, and associated agendas, papers and minutes can be accessed via the following link: Board meetings 2023 - Hywel Dda University Health Board (

You can find more information about the role of each committee below. 



Past Committees


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