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Audit and Risk Assurance Meeting 21 April 2020

 Agenda Audit and Risk Assurance Committee 21 April 2020 (PDF, 221Kb)
 Item 2.1 Minutes of the Meeting held on 25 February 2020 (PDF, 204Kb)
 Item 2.2 Table of Actions (PDF, 206Kb)
 Item 2.6 Annual Review of the Committee’s Self-Assessment of Effectiveness (PDF, 296Kb)
 Item 3.1 Financial Assurance Report (PDF, 486Kb)
 Item 4.1 WAO NHS Consultant Contract Follow-up Review Update (PDF, 402Kb)
 Item 4.2 Internal Audit RCP Medical Records Keeping Standards (Reasonable Assurance) Update (PDF, 117Kb)
 Item 4.3 WAO Clinical Coding Follow-up Update (PDF, 202Kb)
 Item 7.1 Audit Wales Update Report (PDF, 93Kb)
 Item 8.1 Internal Audit Plan Progress Report (PDF, 585Kb)
 Item 8.2 Internal Audit Plan 2020-21 (PDF, 896Kb)
 Item 8.3 Glangwili Hospital Women and Children's Development Phase 2 (Limited Assurance) Draft (PDF, 914Kb)
 Item 8.5 Estates Assurance - Control of Contractors (Limited Assurance) Draft (PDF, 537Kb)
 Item 8.7 Health and Safety (Reasonable Assurance) - Draft (PDF, 665Kb)
 Item 8.8 Core Financial Systems – Financial Reporting Arrangements (Substantial Assurance) - Final (PDF, 361Kb)
 Item 8.9 Rostering (Reasonable Assurance) - Final (PDF, 436Kb)
 Item 8.10 Variable Pay (Reasonable Assurance) - Draft (PDF, 456Kb)
 Item 8.10 Variable Pay (Reasonable Assurance) - Draft (PDF, 456Kb)
 Item 8.11 Nursing Medication Administration & Errors (Reasonable Assurance) - Draft (PDF, 421Kb)
 Item 8.13 Mortality Rates (Reasonable Assurance) - Draft (PDF, 564Kb)