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Specific duties

In Wales, the Welsh Government has published Specific Duties under the Equality Act for all public bodies. A summary of these duties is listed below:

  • We are required to develop and publish a strategic equality plan at least every four years.  You can view our Strategic Equality Plan here.
  • We must assess the impact of any policy, strategy, project or financial decision to find out if there are any negative issues which we need to look at again to ensure that we have acted fairly in our decision making process. For more information about how we do this, please click here for the equality impact assessment section.
  • We must collect and publish equality information.  This includes our workforce data, customer surveys and any feedback from engagement.  This information can be used as evidence in any decisions that we make and in planning our services. This data is included in our annual equality reports, which you can view here.
  • We are required to identify, collect and publish information on pay differences between employees with any protected characteristics and those who do not share a protected characteristic.
  • We must consider equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of procurement.
  • We are required to publish an annual equality report, which assesses the effectiveness of our Strategic Equality Plan. You can view our annual equality reports here.