Register of Gifts and Hospitality provided to Board Members and Senior Personnel

Section 7.5 of the our Standing Orders states that the Values and Standards of Behaviour Framework adopted by the Board prohibits Board members and Board officers from receiving gifts, hospitality or benefits in kind from a third party which may reasonably give rise to suspicion of conflict between their official duty and their private interest, or may reasonably be seen to compromise their personal integrity in any way.  The 248 - Standards Of Behaviour Policy Standards of Behaviour Policy incorporating Declarations of Interests, Gifts, Hospitality and Sponsorship provides detailed guidance regarding the types of gifts, hospitality and sponsorship which may or may not be accepted. 
The Board Secretary will arrange for a full report of all offers of Gifts and Hospitality recorded by the UHB to be submitted to the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee at least annually.  Our Register of Gifts and Hospitality is usually reported to Audit and Risk Assurance Committee every January.