Information Governance and Caldicott

Information Governance is a framework related to how organisations and individuals handle information; it applies to sensitive and personal information, of employees, patients and service users, and also to information related to the business of the organisation.  Information Governance sits alongside clinical and corporate governance and while the key focus is on ensuring that information is handled in a confidential and secure manner, in the health context it is also very much about supporting the provision of high quality care by ensuring the right information is available to the right people, when and where it’s needed.  

Information Governance within NHS Wales is generally accepted to include (but is not limited to) the following standards and legal requirements; Data Protection Act 1998, Caldicott Report, Common Law Duty of Confidentiality, Freedom of Information Act 2000, information Sharing Protocols, Data Quality and Records Management. 
The UHB has established a Information Governance Sub Committee which is responsible for providing assurance to Business Planning and Performance Assurance Committee on compliance with information governance legislation, guidance and best practice.  The Information Governance Sub Committee meets on quarterly basis and provides assurance reports to the Business Planning and Performance Assurance Committee after every meeting.  Committee Update Reports from the Information governance Sub Committee can be found under the Business Planning and Performance Assurance Committee page here.  
Calditcott is a key element of the Information Governance agenda in Wales, providing organisations working in Health and Social Care with a set of recommendations and principles to help ensure that person identifiable information (including that of patients, staff and service users) is adequately protected.

Completion of the Caldicott (C-PIP) assessment provides Information Governance and Caldicott Leads with a comprehensive tool to highlight areas where improvements are required, and a benchmark for evaluating progress.  The UHB undertakes an on-line C-PIP self assessment annually to assess their compliance with the Caldicott Principles and produces a programme of work and continual improvement.  

Progress of our C-PIP self assessment is monitored by the Information Governance Sub Committee and assurance is provided to the Business Planning and Performance Assurance Committee.