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What are community hubs?

We want each of our seven localities to have one or more health and well-being centres or community hospitals – together we refer to these as community hubs. They may all be slightly different, in line with the needs of their communities, but they will bring people and services together in one place and provide virtual links between the population and the wider community network of support. 

Multidisciplinary teams of different staff and support services will wrap around individuals and families.

In addition to providing access to diagnostics (tests and scans etc) and consultations, hubs will also have community beds to prevent individuals from needing to go to hospital, and to support timely discharge from hospital. These may be in people’s own homes, in local nursing and residential homes, or in some of the health and well-being centres.

The range of services could include, some or all of the following:

  • Outpatient clinics supported by diagnostic tests and scans, including x-rays
  • Treatment for minor illness and minor injury
  • Planned and preventative care for people living with long term conditions
  • Overnight stay for patients unable to remain at home but not requiring a hospital care (step-up care), rehabilitation after a stay in hospital (step-down care) and assisted living
  • Mental health advice and support.
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