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Referral to treatment waiting times

Within Hywel Dda University Health Board we aim that you wait the shortest time possible for treatment.

The main waiting time targets set by NHS Wales are:

  • 95% of people start treatment within 26 weeks of their referral being received
  • 100% of people start treatment within 36 weeks of their referral being received

The waiting time commences from when the Health Board receives your GP, Dentist, Ophthalmologist, or other primary care staff member referral. You will receive a letter acknowledging the receipt of the referral.

In due course you will receive another letter, inviting you to book an outpatient appointment.  During this conversation, the hospital will offer you an appointment within the clinical timelines requested by the specialist consultant and within the national waiting times.

Every effort will be made to make your appointment at your nearest hospital (depending on the speciality and the waiting time). However, the earliest appointment may be at another hospital.

You will be offered an appointment that is the best fit for your requirements. At the time of the offer, you will have the opportunity to change the appointment if it is not suitable.

We encourage you to follow the advice of your GP at all times. You should try to keep yourself well and comply with any medication prescribed.

For more information about local waiting times, please click on the link below:

Patient leaflet - referral to treatment times (PDF, 368KB)

Download the referral to treatment - average waiting times - August 2020 (PDF, 22KB)

Download the referral to treatment - maximum waiting times - August 2020 (PDF, 20KB)

For general information regarding referrals, waiting times and appointments, please click on the link below:

Download the patient access: elective care policy (PDF, 843KB)

Download referral to treatment - what is it? what do I need to know - a patient perspective (PDF, 375KB)