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Board agenda and papers - 16th April 2020

Agenda - board meeting 16th April 2020


Download the approved Board Minutes 16 April 2020 here

1. Governance  (13.30pm)

Item 1.1 - Apologies [Presenter: Chair]

Item 1.2 - Declaration of interests  [Presenter: All]

Item 1.3 - Minutes of the Public Meeting held on 26 March 2020 (PDF, 3,138KB) [Presenter:  Chair]

Item 2.1 - Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic (PDF, 3,138KB) [Presenter: Steve Moore] 

Item 2.2 - Maintaining good governance COVID-19 (PDF, 3,138KB) [Presenter: Chair]

Item 2.3 - Management of outstanding recommendations from auditors, inspectorates and regulators (PDF, 3,138KB) [Presenter: Steve Moore]

Item 2.4 - Management of operational and corporate risks during the COVID-19 pandemic (PDF, 3,138KB) [Presenter: Steve Moore]

Item 2.5 - Month 12 financial position (PDF, 3,138KB) [Presenter: Huw Thomas]

Item 2.6 - Update from the In Committee Board on 7th April 2020 (PDF, 3,138KB) [Presenter: Chair]

Item 3 - 15:55 - Date and Time of Next Meeting 9:30am Thursday 28th May 2020, venue TBC

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