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Staying safe whilst in hospital

As we emerge from the pandemic and learn to live with COVID-19, we continue to ensure that your stay is as safe as possible. In order to limit the spread of infections, we would ask you to read the following guidance:

It is important that you wash your hands with soap and water, use an anti-microbial wipe after using the toilet.

Please use the mealtime anti-microbial hand wipes provided to ensure your hands are clean before you eat your food.

It is also important that your visitors clean their hands on entering and leaving the ward environment. Please encourage them to use the alcohol hand rub, anti-microbial hand wipes or soap and water at the hand wash basins.

From 30 May 2022 it is no longer a legal requirement for visitors to wear masks/face coverings when entering healthcare premises in Wales. However, from time to time it may be necessary to ask your visitors to wear additional PPE such as face masks to help us to minimise the risk of spread of infection in hospital. Any requirement to wear PPE will be communicated clearly by the nurse in charge of the ward.

Whilst it is no longer a legal requirement, the health board will continue to support you and your visitors to wear a face masks/face coverings when entering its facilities if you choose to do so, making them available in public spaces/wards/departments.  

Please keep your bed area clutter free to allow our cleaning staff to clean around your bed space. This can be assisted by only bringing in essential items to the hospital.

Please do not sit on other patients’ beds or chairs and please do not share items, as this can increase the risk of infection.

If you need help to communicate with family or friends please ask for a family liaison officer (staff members who wear pink t-shirt), who will be pleased to assist you.

For information on visiting click here. 

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