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Arts boost

Young person doing aerial activity on a hammock or swing

Arts boost is part of a national arts and mind programme, supporting health boards across Wales to improve mental health. It is funded by the Baring Foundation and the Arts Council of Wales.

Arts boost was developed due to the increase in mental health difficulties for children and young people, and growing numbers seeking support for their mental health.

Growing evidence shows that the arts have a powerful role to play in improving well-being and reducing feelings of distress. It also provides access to more opportunities to develop creative coping skills for life.

We are working with arts partners to deliver a range of artist-led creative mixed media activities called ‘Creative Freestyling’.

Valuable feedback from young people who have already benefited from the project has been used to help us going forward.

We know engaging with creative artist-led creative activities have helped children and young people to:

  • improve well-being and reduce feelings of distress;
  • develop creative coping skills for life;
  • create a safe space to allow for recovery to start;
  • promote resilience and coping skills and increase a sense of empowerment.

The young people have told us:

  • “I learnt to release tension.”  
  • “This is how I show my thoughts and feelings.”
  • “Art is the only way I express some of my difficulties.”

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