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Blood-borne virus

This service is available if you have been diagnosed with a blood-borne virus, this includes partners, family and carers of those infected. We take referrals from medical practitioners, nurses, substance misuse teams or you can self-refer.

We can help you by proving:

  • testing for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV
  • clinical care for anyone diagnosed with a blood-borne virus
  • emotional, psychological and social support for those infected
  • treatment and monitoring of patients diagnosed with hepatitis B and C
  • liaison with regional centre for you if diagnosed with HIV
  • referral on to other services
  • liaison with substance misuse services, social services
  • education for patients, carers and significant others
  • education for health care staff and outside agencies

Contact Details

Nicola Reeve - Blood-borne virus Clinical Nurse Specialist (Carmarthenshire)
Telephone: 01554 899016

Donna Blinston - Blood-borne virus Clinical Nurse Specialist / Alcohol Liaison Nurse (Ceredigion)
Telephone: 01970 635614

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