Counter fraud

The NHS Fraud and Corruption Reporting Line (FCRL) is a freephone number, it is a simple means of reporting genuine suspicions of NHS fraud. It allows NHS staff and members of the public who wish to report their concerns about possible NHS fraud, to a trained member of the NHS Counter Fraud team. The information will be passed to your local counter fraud specialist (LCFS) in complete confidence. Callers may remain anonymous if they wish.

Please remember if you make an anonymous report you will need to provide 'good' information which may include: dates, times, places, activity which you believe is causing a loss or risk of loss to the NHS etc.

All calls are reported to the LCFS who reports directly to the Director of Finance. Many of the calls to the FCRL become confirmed fraud investigations. The line has provided many cases which have been successfully investigated.

STOP NHS fraud by visiting or by telephoning 0800 028 4060