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Education Programmes for Patients (EPP)

We provide a range of free self-management health and well-being programmes and workshops for you if you have a health condition or for those who care for someone with a health condition they provide you with the opportunity to learn new coping skills which can help improve the quality of daily life.

Our programmes and workshops vary from single sessions of 1 ½ hours to programmes covering 7 weeks, the sessions look at ways to help manage the effects of your health condition such as; 

  • Managing symptoms such as pain and tiredness
  • Dealing with anger, fear and frustration
  • Coping with stress, depression and low self-image
  • Eating healthily
  • Learning relaxation techniques and taking regular exercise
  • Improved communication with family, friends and health professionals
  • Planning for the future

We run programmes and workshops both in community venues throughout Hywel Dda Area as well as online virtual sessions.

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