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Childhood and young people vaccinations

Immunisation is important for babies and young children because their immune system is still immature, so they are more vulnerable to infection and serious complications.

Is your child up to date with their immunisations?

You can save your child’s life by making sure they receive all their vaccinations.  For more information about immunisation and all recommended vaccinations visit NHS 111 Wales (opens in new tab)

Why it’s important to vaccinate your child

No parent likes to see their baby or child distressed when they are being given an injection. Vaccinations only take a moment and they are quick, safe and effective.

Some children suffer some minor discomfort immediately afterwards, but serious side effects are very rare.

If you have doubts about vaccinating your child, remember:

  • Diseases like measles, mumps, whooping cough and polio have not been eradicated.
  • The diseases being vaccinated against are much worse than any potential side effect from the vaccine.
  • Once a child has been vaccinated their body will be able to fight the disease more effectively if they do catch it.
  • By vaccinating your child, you are lowering the chance of a disease outbreak and helping other children.
  • Immunisation protects future generations by reducing and in some cases eliminating a disease, e.g. smallpox.

Further resources and patient information leaflets

Parents with worries or queries about any aspect of their child's immunisations should discuss them with their doctor, health visitor or practice nurse. Further information and patient information leaflets are available here on the NHS wales 111 website (opens in new tab) or visit the Public Health Wales (opens in new tab) website.