This service is available if you have had a rheumatology diagnosis confirmed by a rheumatologist. We provide information and support on rheumatological conditions for you as patients and medical teams/health care practitioners.

We offer support in person through nurse led clinics and day units. Telephone support is available to help patients to understand treatment aims, manage drug monitoring and to assist in managing emotional, physical and work impacts when managing a chronic disease. Referrals can be made to other healthcare professionals. We can provide you with information on other sources of information.

Contact us

Debora Harry - Interim Lead Nurse, Rheumatology and Dermatology Health Board Wide
Telephone: 01554 783483

Alison Duncan - Clinical Nurse Specialist
Telephone: 01554 783483

Suzanne Davies - Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist
Telephone: 01437 773987

Elisa Jenkins - Clinical Nurse Specialist
Telephone: 01437 773987