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Specialist child and adolescent mental health service (sCAMHS)

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Specialist Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (sCAMHS) provides specialist NHS Services for children and young people with mental health problems.

We offer assessment and treatment when children and young people have emotional, behavioural or mental health difficulties as well as promoting emotional wellbeing and preventative mental health services and treatment to children and young people. 

We support teachers, youth workers and people working with children and young people by offering advice and training on how to recognise mental health difficulties.

SCAMHS also offers advice to children, young people, parents, and carers on what can be done by way of early intervention to help prevent emotional difficulties developing, as well as providing assessments and therapeutic interventions when children and young people are experiencing mental health problems.                                                                                

Many of our services are offered either in your community, at home, in your school or in clinics near you. We help children and young people to receive help in an environment familiar to them. This means that young people can continue to lead active lives in the community while receiving the support needed for their mental health or learning disability issues.