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Speech and language therapy

We work with both adults and children. 

We see children with a number of speech, language and communication difficulties including problems understanding and using language; difficulties with speech sounds; stammering; and social communication difficulties. We may also work with babies and children with swallowing difficulties.

We also work with adults who have an acquired communication and/or swallowing difficulty. This may be as a result of an acquired illness (stroke/traumatic brain injury), a progressive illness (Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, MND, and dementia), voice problems, head and neck cancer or dysfluency.  With swallowing difficulties, we carry out specialist assessments and offer advice regarding positioning, feeding techniques and modification of diet and fluids. 

You will be supported to reach your communication potential and achieve your goals. We work closely with your family, social care staff, schools and pre-school settings to achieve the best outcome.

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