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Audit and Risk Assurance Meeting 19 December 2019

 Agenda Audit and Risk Assurance Committee 19 December 2019 (PDF, 243Kb)
 Item 2.1 Minutes of the Meeting held on 22nd October 2019 (PDF, 200Kb)
 Item 2.2 Table of Actions Audit and Risk Assurance Committee 22 October 2019 (PDF, 133Kb)
 Item 2.5 All Wales NHS Audit Committee Chairs' Meeting Update (PDF, 112Kb)
 Item 3.1 Financial Assurance Report (PDF, 442Kb)
 Item 3.2 Post Payment Verification (PPV) Update (PDF, 319Kb)
 Item 4.1 Wales Audit Office Update Report (PDF, 209Kb)
 Item 4.2 WAO Review of Primary Care (including Local Update) (PDF, 1.7Mb)
 Item 5.1 Internal Audit Plan Progress Report (PDF, 723Kb)
 Item 5.2 Patient Access (Substantial Assurance) (PDF, 374Kb)
 Item 5.3 Server Virtualisation (Substantial Assurance) (PDF, 368Kb)
 Item 5.4 Welsh Risk Pool Claims (Substantial Assurance) (PDF, 348Kb)
 Item 5.5 Financial Safeguarding - Design Team Led CRL Projects (Reasonable Assurance) (PDF, 329Kb)
 Item 5.6 Electronic Staff Record Final (Reasonable Assurance) (PDF, 349Kb)
 Item 5.8 Departmental IT System - Lillie (Sexual Health) (Reasonable Assurance) (PDF, 409Kb)
 Item 5.10 Consultant and SAS Doctors Job Planning (Limited Assurance) (PDF, 442Kb)
 Item 5.11 Financial Safeguarding - Maintenance Team Led Work Final Report (Limited Assurance) (PDF, 449Kb)
 Item 6.1 Quality, Safety and Experience Assurance Committee Assurance Report around the Discharge of their Terms of Reference (PDF, 137Kb)
 Item 6.2 Audit Tracker (PDF, 894Kb)
 Item 7.1 Counter Fraud Update (PDF, 525Kb)