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Future children services

Thank you for your interest in the children and young people's services consultation. This consultation has now concluded. 

30 November 2023

At the meeting of its Board on 30 November, Hywel Dda University Health Board (UHB) members discussed the findings of the consultation on paediatric service provision at Withybush and Glangwili hospitals.

The Board meeting follows the public consultation held between 26 May and 24 August 2023 that invited the public, health board staff, partner organisations and the broader community to share their views on three potential options for the future of urgent and emergency Paediatric Services at Withybush and Glangwili Hospitals.

Following thorough consideration of the consultation findings that were independently collated and analysed by Opinion Research Services (ORS), Board members decided to progress Option 1.

This option was chosen by the Board following extensive consideration of the consultation report, Equalities Health Impact Assessment, as well as the scoring of the options by stakeholders and feedback from the conscientious consideration process. In reaching their decision the Board focused on the necessity to provide and assure the consistency, quality, and safety of care for children and their families.

In supporting the consultation process, ORS was commissioned to independently advise, collate, and manage the consultation responses. Their comprehensive report on the consultation findings (opens in new tab) is available for review on the health board’s website.

The consultation process for the selection of an option for the future provisions to urgent and emergency services for children and young people at Withybush and Glangwili Hospital has achieved a Best Practice Quality Assurance accreditation from the Consultation Institute.

Professor Phil Kloer, Executive Medical Director and Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Hywel Dda UHB, said: “The decision made today is a step towards confirming the sustainability of our future paediatric services. By choosing to progress Option 1, we will continue to develop and improve upon the current service in Pembrokeshire and our work towards creating a better health service and a healthier mid and West Wales.

“All options presented and considered today represent an enhancement of services currently provided at Withybush Hospital and to the local community.”

Option 1 includes the provision in Withybush Hospital of additional outpatient services for children and young people, but it does not include a Paediatric Ambulatory Care Unit (PACU).

Lee Davies, Executive Director of Strategy and Planning at Hywel Dda UHB, said: “We are very grateful to members of the public, staff, partner organisations, and the wider community for their active participation in the public consultation process regarding the future of children and young people’s urgent and emergency care services at Withybush and Glangwili Hospitals. Their insights and feedback were taken into account during the Board’s discussions and decision-making process.

“The decision today will provide certainty and clarity to parents, patients, and staff within Pembrokeshire as to what their future paediatric service will be. The health board will also undertake further work to explore the transport issues that have been raised as part of the consultation process.

“The Health Board looks forward to continued collaboration with all stakeholders and communities as we work together towards the creation of a sustainable and comprehensive healthcare model for the region.”

Following today’s decision, the health board will begin work to devise an implementation plan that will map out what needs to happen and the planned timescales to move from the current service to the future service. We anticipate that the implementation plan will be shared with the Board in early 2024.

The board meeting was open to members of the public and is available to view online. The Board papers that were discussed at the meeting, which included further detailed information relating to the three potential options, can be accessed on the health board’s website here Board agenda and papers 30 November 2023 (opens in new tab)

We consulted with the public for 12 weeks from 26 May to 24 August 2023 on three potential options for the future of urgent and emergency Paediatric Services at Withybush and Glangwili Hospitals. Read more below.


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